I Like Good Movies

      Good movies are my hobby. I like to watch them, collect them, present them to my friends and receive them as a gift. Nothing can raise your mood as a good movie. You can ask me what do I mean after the "good movie" and I will answer you. The good movie is a movie that makes you think. Movies are made not only for amusement and time killing it is more than that. Watch the deep. I hate stupid films like senseless and dull comedies that show the people instincts and dishonor our nation. Such kinds of films shouldn't be shown on a big screen. They corrupt our children and our culture. The movie should learn, give a lead and make your mind work that is the main aims of the good movie. There are a lot of persons in Hollywood that make the good movie, but my favorite is Martin Scorsese. Nothing can stop me from watching his movies. I did it million times. I have even a small collection of his works from his first film till the last. They are gorgeous. I like others film directors too but Martin Scorsese is my idol. It began million hours ago when little me got his first video tape with one of his films. Uncle David presented it to my birthday. It was my first movie from my small collection. That time Uncle David didn't know that he laid the foundation of the most important thing in his nephew's life. I didn't eat at school, didn't spend my pocket money and saved them up only for the reason to by more and more video tapes with the works of my favorite film director. I watched and watched them. My mother thought her son would be a film director as her son's idol or at least an actor and by the way I thought the same way, but then I decided that hobby should stay a hobby, otherwise if your hobby turned to your work you would definitely hate it and I changed my mind. My first DVD disk was the movie after Martin's hand too and the first movie I downloaded from the Internet was Scorsese film too, it was "Taxi Driver" with Robert De Niro. It is one of my favorite films in my small collection.