The Film Director

      There are a lot of good professions. When we were kids we dreamt to be a doctor, an astronaut, a movie actor, a teacher and the like. Girls were dreaming to be a model or a singer and boys were dreaming to be a president for sure. My brother, for example, dreamed to be a taxi driver but it is better to forget about it. Most of all our kid dreams just stay in dreams. When we become adults, we live under the circumstances and try to choose the professions that give more money. But there are some people whose kid dreams turn to life-long dreams and in spite of everything they try to reach out for their dreams. I'm sure Martin Scorsese dreamed to be a film director since the time he was a little boy because only a strong desire could make him be a famous and wonderful film director. Have your ever seen one of his movies? No? I'm very sorry for you then. It is a big omission in your life. How could you live without watching his films? They are really great. You should definitely watch them. Hardly Martin's army friends could think that they served in the army with future superstar and famous film director and screenwriter and owner of many prestige awards like Emmy, Golden Globe and so on and so forth. He worked with a lot of famous celebrities and with Michael Jackson and I'm sure it is not the end; in the future we will see new and new Martin Scorsese masterworks. By the way, did I mention that my small collection consists of more than thousands films and takes the whole room in my small apartment. I was so crazy about Scorsese that I gave a promise to name my son after his name. My wife resisted from it and considered this idea was stupid. But our dissidence came to end when we had known that we would have a daughter and I thought my daughter shouldn't suffer from her father's hobby having the name Martin and we named her Elizabeth after Her Royal Majesty Elisabeth II.